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Session 1

What is Affective Language Learning? Concepts to get you 


Here we will learn and discuss basic postures and practices that are 

important to create a nurturing language learning environment. In this

first session, we will explore and share how teachers can

communicate with students in an authentic way and foster positive

emotions while inviting learners to express themselves in the foreign

language. We will also explore together how to prepare the

classroom, receive students, and get them ready to live the target

language through memorable experiences.

Session 2

How can my students learn affectively? Resources to empower 

you and your learners!

After our introductory week, we will explore how affect can be lived 

through a myriad of activities using everyday and readily available

resources such as playdoh, buttons, coins, handkerchiefs, plastic

letters, flashcards, pictures, games, among many others. Special

focus will be given to the role of listening, validating, and sharing.

Session 3

How can I unleash my learners’ creativity and fantasy through 

play? Storytelling and puppeteering to spark learning!

Storytelling and puppeteering connect us to ancient human rituals of 

listening and learning. Here we will dig into ways of promoting multisensorial

experiences that make students get in touch and live the

language and multiple possibilities present in stories and plays. We

will also check some activities that will allow students to play

collectively with the language they are learning.

Session 4

How can I make writing and grammar enjoyable and meaningful? 

Concepts and practices to get your students’ written language


Writing and grammar can be lived in meaningful and empowering

ways when we used as a personal means of expression and ideas

are shared with the wider community. Come learn and share activities

and project ideas that will get your students willing to sit down, write,

review, and publish their texts.

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In this course, you will watch videos recommended by the instructor, watch four recorded sessions, and answer four discussion questions. This is not a live course, however, working through these steps will certainly add to your knowledge base. Teachers’ feedback on this original live course was extremely positive!

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About Juan Uribe

Juan Uribe is a teacher and a teacher educator who has researched, taught, and shared affective language learning since 1994. He is the founding director of Juan Uribe Ensino Afetivo, a language school for young learners, where children learn English affectively through play, games, storytelling, and puppeteering.

His focus is on empowering language teachers to create rich learning environments in which young learners are truly engaged, motivated, and energized. Juan has been in an amazing journey visiting language schools for children around the world where he has both conducted teacher development programs as well as enchanted young audiences with Buddy the Frog.

Juan holds a Bachelors degree in Education from the Catholic University in São Paulo (PUC-SP) and a Masters in Education in Human Development and Applied Psychology from the University of Toronto. He writes a blog called Children Learning English Affectively.

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