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Publishing in English Language Teaching (ELT)

iTDi Publishing
for Teachers by Teachers

This is a new opportunity for all members of the iTDi community. Whether you teach online for a company or freelance, at a language school, a public/private primary or secondary school, or even at the university level, you might be interested in publishing. It is a natural and potentially valuable step in the lives of professional teachers.

"Get published and open doors to new opportunities"

What's great about getting published?

For ELT educators working in the university context, we often hear the phrase, “Publish or Perish” meaning that if you do not regularly crank out published papers, then your academic career will be in trouble. Beyond that ominous-sounding threat, there are actually a number of good reasons for teachers in many contexts to consider publishing some of their writing.

It can be as simple as writing a blog post, or an article based on some kind of lesson or classroom practice that is worth sharing with others, to something more challenging such as doing and writing up a piece of research inside or outside of the classroom. After developing some confidence in the writing process, you might consider submitting a chapter in an edited book, or even writing your own full book someday. Who knows!

Whatever you publish, there are a number of benefits that come from entering the world of publications:

  • Publishing opens doors to new opportunities such as job interviews or new connections
  • It evolves out of the extremely beneficial practice of reflective teaching
  • It enhances better communication skills because good writing requires clarity, whether explaining, arguing or persuading
  • Writing then publishing helps one to develop logic, cohesion (connection of ideas), and coherence (clarity of meaning)
  • Overall, publishing your research improves the broader teaching community, benefitting both teachers and students all over the world

iTDi Publishing Projects

At iTDi, as our community has grown and matured, we have had to adapt and innovate in a number of different directions. One area that we are quite excited about is in publishing works by members of our iTDi family.

Currently, we have the following publishing projects we have already completed or are currently working on:



Hall Houston

101 EFL ACTIVITIES for Teaching University Students (2022)

A new resource book of activities and training tips for teachers of English at universities everywhere.



John F. Fanselow

Small Changes in Teaching BIG RESULTS IN LEARNING (2019)

Videos, activities and essays to stimulate fresh thinking about language learning



Edited by Theron Muller, John Adamson, Steven Herder, and Philip Shigeo Brown

Re-envisioning Language Teaching & Learning in Asia (Forthcoming)

Third book in a trilogy presenting studies that demonstrate language classrooms in Asia are dynamic and inspiring, actively engaging students and teachers.



Zhenya Polosatova & Anne Hendler

A Journey into Reflective Practice (Forthcoming)

Inspired by an iTDi course with John F. Fanselow, the course alumni have produced a workbook with practical help for teachers wishing to try a reflective-practice approach to their teaching.



Your Book!

Have an idea for a publishing project?

Contact us if you would like to make a pitch for a publishing project. It could be a good idea you want to collaborate on with us, or a project you want to do on your own.

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