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A new resource book for teachers of English at universities everywhere

for Teaching University Students

by Hall Houston

Teacher A

“I wish someone had given me a bunch of ideas to get started when I first began teaching at the university level. I could have saved so much time and energy!”

Teacher B

“I wish I had a set of activities perpetually on standby – ready whenever I needed them in an instant.”

Teacher C

“I wish I could get a peek at how other teachers dealt with beginning, maintaining, and ending a course successfully.”

Whichever teacher you are, 101 EFL ACTIVITIES for Teaching University Students offers a very easy-to-follow, systematically written, and useful guide to having great communicative language classes. It is well worth having this resource on your shelf!

101 EFL ACTIVITIES book cover

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101 EFL ACTIVITIES for Teaching University Students is available as a 160-page paperback so you can add to your resource library. The photocopiable worksheets are included.


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Kindle edition is available for instant download

Easily view all the activities instantly on all your devices with all the functionality enabled. Links are provided in the activities direct to the accompanying worksheets.


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iBooks and other e-formats also available

Download the ebook formats for Apple’s iBooks and other ebook readers from our simple to use Books2Read storefront. A wide-range of ebook formats are provided for download.


See some sample activities from the book. SAMPLE ACTIVITIES

Photocopiable worksheets to accompany the activities as downloads. WORKSHEETS

About the book

101 EFL Activities for Teaching University Students is filled with a variety of language learning activities that can be used throughout the semester. While designed with university teachers in mind, teachers of other subjects (and levels) will also find these activities useful in their classrooms.

The activities in this book relate to three major themes: the context of the university environment (students learn by talking about their lives as university students), group dynamics – the stages of a group (the stages all students go through during a semester), and active learning (learning through actively using the course material, instead of listening to a professor deliver a lecture). The book is structured around the three main time periods of the semester: the beginning, the mid-period and the end.

This book also contains teacher development tips, short exercises designed to help teachers reflect on their own teaching and professional development in a university setting. In addition, the book has a list of recommended readings and web resources for university teachers.

About the author

Hall Houston teaches at National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences in Taipei, Taiwan. He has a Master’s degree in Foreign Language Education from The University of Texas at Austin. He is the author of several books about language teaching, including The Creative Classroom, Provoking Thought, and Creative Output (co-authored with Gerhard Erasmus).


“Hall Houston has compiled a cornucopia of engaging and easy-to-implement activities for the ESL/EFL classroom, helpfully presented in tune to the rhythms of the semester. It would be impossible to read this book and not find at least a few new ideas to spark the learning and participation of your students”.
James M. Lang, author of Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning (Jossey-Bass)

“Whether you are a novice or an expert, in this resource book, you will find a range of engaging ideas for teaching English to the college student, for different stages of a course. The ideas are easy-prep, can be adapted to any classroom, and are not only fun, but many encourage critical thinking – very appropriate for this target group. The ‘Teacher Development Tips’ were a real bonus!”
Meredith MacAulay, EAP teacher and teacher trainer at UNSWGlobal, author of Energising EAP (the round)

“This is an immensely useful book for language teachers working in university contexts. It provides them with a wealth of practical activities that they can use at different stages of the academic year. The book’s emphasis on active learning is bound to enable EFL students to enhance their language proficiency in a highly engaging manner.”
Dr. Daniel Xerri, Senior Lecturer in TESOL, Universitv of Malta and co-editor of English for 21st Century Skills (Express Publishing)

Sample activities

Write a new song for…

Many song activities ask students to listen to a song and fill in the blanks on a worksheet. In this activity, students write a song for a well-known singer, using vocabulary from the coursebook, and words from the singer’s most popular songs.

Talking about our topics

I highly recommend giving your students an opportunity to select some topics they want to talk about, for a change of pace. Many students want to talk about topics that never appear in coursebooks, but often don’t get the chance.

Four posters on the walls

I don’t approve of students writing graffiti on the walls of the classroom. However, I’m greatly in favor of activities where students wander around the classroom, writing on big sheets of paper taped to the walls.

Photocopiable worksheets for download

  • Activity 9: Making a name card DOWNLOAD
  • Activity 17: Tell me about your high school DOWNLOAD
  • Activity 40: Halfalogue DOWNLOAD
  • Activity 44: Storyboarding the music video DOWNLOAD
  • Activity 47: KWL Chart for Video DOWNLOAD
  • Activity 50: Watch and predict DOWNLOAD
  • Activity 68: Personalized review sentences DOWNLOAD
  • Activity 76: Sentence starters for feedback DOWNLOAD
  • Activity 86: Memories board game DOWNLOAD

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