About Revisiting Fluency and Accuracy in Vocabulary and Grammar Teaching Self Study Course

What participants will learn in this course.

It’s generally accepted that the Communicative Approach was instrumental in shifting the emphasis away from accuracy and onto fluency. But many teachers (and learners) still feel that we haven’t yet found the balance we’re looking for between teaching for fluency and teaching for accuracy.

In this self study course Scott Thornbury and Penny Ur take a fresh look at accuracy and fluency in teaching grammar and vocabulary. With them, you’ll explore assumptions and challenge beliefs that you may never have considered. Regardless of your starting point, you’ll leave the course with a deeper understanding of both accuracy and fluency, and greater confidence in your ability to teach grammar and vocabulary effectively.

In this course you will address the following questions (although not necessarily in this order)

  • What do we mean, in practice, by the terms “fluency” and “accuracy”?
  • Which is more important? Which should come first?
  • What is the place of the learning of grammar in achieving fluency? of the learning of vocabulary?
  • Would you like to have an archive of ready-to-go custom-made materials for your lessons?
  • What are some useful practical procedures that can increase both fluency and accuracy in the teaching of grammar? of vocabulary?

Purchase of this self-study course includes access to four video recordings, readings, and discussion questions. Teachers can earn a Certificate of Completion verifying 20 Professional Development hours if desired. To receive a certificate teachers are required to submit written responses to the discussion questions.

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