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EFT Lesson 8: What is the teaching life?

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        1. Whose teaching situation is the most similar to yours: Miguel’s, Yitzha’s, or Vicky’s? How is it similar and in what ways is it different?
        2. What advice would you give to new teachers at your school?
        3. What do you do to relax?

        Post your ideas in a reply below and comment on other teachers’ ideas.


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        Steven Herder

          1. My teaching context is not really similar to these four teachers. I teach in a women’s university in Kyoto, Japan. One-third of my students each year plan to study abroad for six months or one year. The others are regular English Literature students. I have just finished my second year and so I’m still learning many things about university procedures, committee work, and especially about my students interests, abilities, and weak areas. It is challenging, but fascinating.

          2. Get to know your students as much as possible. Build trust and get them working with you rather than against you. Follow the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like them to treat you.

          3. Recently, I bicycle twice a day commuting to work and that is very relaxing now that I have built up enough stamina. I also talk with friends and other teachers in Zoom, and watch Netflix too much. Tv shows in 2020 are excellent.

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          Vhanessa Barbosa

            Having my first year of teaching in a private school, I was assigned to handle students from 10-14 years of age. Handling 7th grade kids was not really a problem cause they were these compliant once I said a single word, and yet taking a long time to work, I mean they are so slow. Even when I did counting, they cant do in a rush. On the other hand, 5th and 4th grade kids were a bit irresistable to the activities when they dont want to, for there were times that they do really have their own worlds which you won’t be able to atleast force them to do something. At first I thought, when you teach young learners, you wont basically encounter big deals, compared to high school students. However in my case, I experienced the opposite. But, I never cease thinking on the ways to cope the situation. I only get used myself to always provide interactive activities so atleast I could get their attention. I only need to keep their attention caught by the activities I prepare- and this is a matter of creativity.

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