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EFT Lesson 7: What does it take to be a teacher?

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        1. How is Vicky’s journey as a teacher similar to and different from yours?


          • I also worked as a part-time teacher for a long time.
          • I was trained as an English teacher and never had any part-time jobs.


        2. Write about things teachers have to / don’t have to do at your school.


          • Teachers at my school don’t have to use the same coursebook.
          • To be a teacher at my school, you must have the proper qualifications.


        Post your ideas in a reply below and comment on other teachers’ ideas.


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        Vhanessa Barbosa

          I was compliant with the school norms and policies during my first year of teaching in a private school, and I guess I still have to follow it. But what I want to change as time passes, is my approach which I must do with my own style. Yes we need to comply to what the coordinators tell but at the end of the day, the teachers themselves will be the ones to be asked on how will they be able to make their students learn and so by being an advance thinker, we are avoiding that possibility, but hoping won’t be, that our students did not learn at all cause we based on the book/system without gearing up the things that are supposed to be. Since I’m done with my first year; I’m done observing; I’m done pondering about the possible ways of my own that I may bring, I guess I can apply them this time since we are facing a new normal set up of learning wherein creativity has to be our company.

          But what I like about the school I am at, is that, I am really pushed to do beyond what I can do. And I guess this is a great motivation to improve my skills as a teacher. This is what all needs. This is what everyone wants – to be changed for the better.

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