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Revisiting Fluency and Accuracy in Vocabulary and Grammar Teaching Self Study with Scott Thornbury and Penny Ur


It’s generally accepted that the Communicative Approach was instrumental in shifting the emphasis away from accuracy and onto fluency. But many teachers (and learners) still feel that we haven’t yet found the balance we’re looking for between teaching for fluency and teaching for accuracy.
In this course we will address the following questions (although not necessarily in this order)

  • What do we mean, in practice, by the terms “fluency” and “accuracy?”
  • Which is more important? Which should come first?
  • What is “accurate” language use? Who decides the standards of “accuracy?”
  • What is the place of the learning of grammar in achieving fluency? of the learning of vocabulary?
  • What are some useful practical procedures that can increase both fluency and accuracy in the teaching of grammar? Of vocabulary?

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In this course, you will read articles recommended by the instructor, watch four recorded sessions, and answer four discussion questions. This is not a live course, however, working through these steps will certainly add to your knowledge base. Teachers’ feedback on this original live course was extremely positive!

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