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Edge of CALL: Tech for learning and Teaching with Kevin Ryan


This course starts with a look at ourselves, our attitudes, and why we need new tech. We build a personal(ized) process to collect the right kinds of information, in the right quantities. We look at factors for our decisions about what to adopt. Then we begin to find the right people and key sources to develop our own community of practice (aka PLN). After all this, we work on the adoption process; deciding how, when, how much, and at what pace that should happen.

We also look at some edge cases in tech. We decide how to prepare for any oncoming trends that can change the way we teach. This will prepare you to be comfortable with being a tech leader in your school or community. It will put you at the leading edge without the cost of being on the bleeding edge.

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Due to the level of personal interaction between course members and instructor, we will only offer one level of certification for this course.

iTDi Great Minds Educator Certificate

US $300

During the 8-week course, your team will co-construct a significant and memorable learning experience in a trusting and respectful, private community. There will be a core text, 8 weekly live online sessions, and lifetime access to an online discussion forum.

Specifically, participants can expect:

Deep & focused pedagogical exploration (feature), leading to a thorough understanding of each issue and its application (benefit).

Thoroughly interactive forum for course members within iTDi’s safe and renowned community.

Eight weekly Zoom sessions live, with recordings for you to review or catch up.

Meaningful professional networking, leading to future collaborations on research projects, writing, or even in facilitating a GMILE course of your own!

Improve your thinking, improve your teaching, and become a greater mind.

iTDi can provide receipts for your university upon request.

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