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 EFT Module 1: Teaching 

  • EFT Lesson 2: What skills do students need to learn?
  • EFT Lesson 3: How can we teach for a variety of learning styles?
  • EFT Lesson 4: Do we need classroom technology?
  • EFT Lesson 5: Do we teach only language?

English For Teachers is arranged by Modules. Each module has 4 lessons to take. By taking this course, you are enrolling in Module 1: 'Teaching'.

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EFT OPTIONS Self-study Standard Premium Exclusive
EFT Prices per Module $49 $149 $229 $299
Self-study Lessons Online (x4)
English For Teachers Forum
The Teachers’ Room
Weekly Live Webinars (x4)  
Pre- & post- Level Assessments  
Weekly Essay Evaluations (x4)    
Weekly Recordings Feedback (x4)    
Two-hours of 1-to-1 Mentoring      
PD Hours Certificate per Month 10 15 25 27


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