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English For Teachers (EFT)

Build your English skills through studying teaching topics and join the worldwide community of teachers.

English for Teachers course

English for Teachers (EFT), launched in the spring of 2020, is an iTDi online course designed for English teachers who need to or want to improve their English speaking and writing output.

This interactive course for teachers by teachers is suited for any educator at the CEFR B1 level or above.

So, what’s special about EFT vs regular teacher training or language courses?

  • All lesson topics focus on teaching English and being a teacher.
  • Lessons review important English grammar and vocabulary for teachers.
  • EFT focuses on developing practical English, not only for class but also for you to participate more fully in ELT groups and webinars.

What else is unique about EFT courses?

Are there any other benefits of doing iTDi courses?

  • Study anytime, anywhere, easily and at your convenience with certified professional development hours awarded.
  • Exchange teaching ideas, activities, and resources with like-minded teachers in a global iTDi community.
  • Make and develop personal and professional friendships with teachers around the world, as well as iTDi Faculty and Founders.

EFT Lesson 1 is an introductory lesson to get you started, and it's absolutely FREE! Take it now.


So, what’s in the course?

Currently, the EFT course has 3 Modules live (Modules 4-6 coming soon). Make sure you study EFT Lesson 1 (Intro) first– it's free!


EFT Lesson 1 (Free introduction)

  • How can we become better language learners?

 EFT Module 1: Teaching 

  • EFT Lesson 2: What skills do students need to learn?
  • EFT Lesson 3: How can we teach for a variety of learning styles?
  • EFT Lesson 4: Do we need classroom technology?
  • EFT Lesson 5: Do we teach only language?

 EFT Module 2: Being a Teacher 

  • EFT Lesson 6: How can we make the most of coursebooks?
  • EFT Lesson 7: What does it take to be a teacher?
  • EFT Lesson 8: What is the teaching life?
  • EFT Lesson 9: What do you believe about teaching and learning?

 EFT Module 3: Learner Autonomy 

  • EFT Lesson 10: How do we promote critical thinking?
  • EFT Lesson 11: What should schools do encourage learning?
  • EFT Lesson 12: How can we encourage lifelong learning?
  • EFT Lesson 13: How can we extend learning beyond the classroom?

 EFT Module 4: Assessment 

  • EFT Lesson 14: How can we make homework more effective?
  • EFT Lesson 15: How do we assess students?
  • EFT Lesson 16: How do we assess ourselves and other teachers?
  • EFT Lesson 17: How can we deal with error correction?



 EFT Module 5: Classroom Interaction 

  • EFT Lesson 18: How do we teach large classes?
  • EFT Lesson 19: What are the best classroom management techniques?
  • EFT Lesson 20: How do we teach students of different levels?
  • EFT Lesson 21: How can we get our students to collaborate?


 EFT Module 6: Motivation 

  • EFT Lesson 22: How can we motivate ourselves?
  • EFT Lesson 23: What is active learning?
  • EFT Lesson 24: How can we motivate our students?
  • EFT Lesson 25: What do we do with difficult students?


And, how much does it cost?

For each Module, there are 4 options to choose from. Prices range from $49 to $269, depending on the learning experience you are looking for:

Self-study Option


$49 per module

English for Teachers - self-study

For teachers who prefer to work at their own pace, and practice speaking and writing by themselves, self-study offers the greatest flexibility.

Standard Option

Self-study + Live sessions

$149 per module


This is our most popular choice for teachers seeking greater connection and collaboration with increased opportunities to interact, ask questions, share and discuss.

Premium Option

Standard + Individual feedback

$229 per module


With individual feedback each week, not only on short essays but also recordings, this is the definitive choice for teachers who want to get the most out of the EFT experience.

Exclusive Option

Premium + Mentoring

$299 per module


For those teachers who like to go all-in, we offer our most comprehensive and personalized professional development experience.

EFT OPTIONS Self-study Standard Premium Exclusive
EFT Prices per Module $49 $149 $229 $299
Self-study Lessons Online (x4)
English For Teachers Forum
The Teachers’ Room
Weekly Live Webinars (x4)  
Pre- & post- Level Assessments  
Weekly Essay Evaluations (x4)    
Weekly Recordings Feedback (x4)    
Two-hours of 1-to-1 Mentoring      
PD Hours Certificate per Month 10 15 25 27

As always, iTDi believes that all teachers deserve the same opportunity to improve themselves. Therefore, a limited number of scholarships will be available for this course. Please apply through our scholarship application.

Testimonials (From teachers in other iTDi courses)

  • Because of iTDi's belief in affordable professional development for all teachers, being involved in iTDi means I get to meet a lot of professionals from other countries, teaching contexts, and backgrounds with challenges, ideas, and ways of thinking that are totally new to me.

    Anne, Japan

  • What makes iTDi different from other organizations is that you feel like you are in a community. The courses are very interesting, not only the material but also the opportunity we have to actually attend lectures with people from far, far away. How could I possibly have the chance to attend a course by Steven Krashen or Penny Ur or Vicki Hollett?

    Theodora, Greece

  • I take a lot of courses online but I haven't found courses for ESL teachers that are of such high quality and so practical as the iTDi courses.

    Sara, USA

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