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Experience one of the online lessons from the TESOL Certificate course + a live tutorial with our Certificate Director, Philip Shigeo Brown, and iTDi Founder, Steven Herder. It’s free.

Re-Envisioning EFL Education in Asia
Edited by Theron Muller, John Adamson, Steven Herder, and Philip Shigeo Brown

This third book by our editorial team moves the conversation from innovating in 2012 and exploring in 2014 to re-envisioning EFL teaching and learning through chapters that address contemporary 21st century issues. Here Asia comes into its own as a vibrant center of language teaching pedagogy and research. Further, how borders are envisioned and drawn is critiqued through chapters that, for example, explore multiethnic China and the Asian diaspora’s experiences when studying outside Asia. Its chapters speak to teachers and researchers interested in how to re-envision language teaching in their own contexts.

101 EFL Activities for Teaching University Students
Hall Houston

101 EFL Activities for Teaching University Students is filled with a variety of language learning activities that can be used throughout the semester. While designed with university teachers in mind, teachers of other subjects (and levels) will also find these activities useful in their classrooms. The activities in this book relate to three major themes: the context of the university environment (students learn by talking about their lives as university students), group dynamics – the stages of a group (the stages all students go through during a semester), and active learning (learning through actively using the course material, instead of listening to a professor deliver a lecture).

Small Changes in Teaching Big Results in Learning
John F. Fanselow

Small Changes in Teaching Big Results in Learning is a unique resource book aimed at both novice and experienced teachers of English as another language. It can be used in formal/informal teacher education groups or by individual teachers. As you master the activities and types of feedback introduced in this book, you will be able to move from teaching as a ritual to teaching as discovery. You will decrease the time you spend making lesson plans, quizzes and tests, looking for the ideal syllabus, and preparing worksheets and handouts and, as a result, you will have more time to analyze transcriptions and video clips of what you and your students are doing.

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We offer Special Live Tutorials for teachers who want to go deeper into how to apply specific principles and skills to your own teaching.

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Learning how to present vocabulary effectively is, of course, just one part of a teacher’s professional development journey. Whether you’re a newbie or have been teaching for years, at iTDi we provide opportunities for you to thrive wherever your career takes you. And in order for teachers to really thrive – just like our students – we need a supportive community where we can make mistakes, share successes, learn and grow with new opportunities!

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Videos to support the John F. Fanselow's book:

Small Changes in Teaching Big Results in Learning

1 Description of Videos ES

2 Oral Reading

3 Read and Look Up

4 Read and Look Up Pointing

5 Read and Look Up Chanting

6 Read and Look Up Mistakes Writing

7 Incomplete or Complete Information

8 Self Reliance Now I Learned How to Do It

9 Students Writing Teachers Questions

10 Touch Typing

11 Redundancy - Nothing, Not and Rather

12 Learning as Discovery Dismounted

13 School Knowledge World Knowledge

14 The Richness of Images Sketches for Creating Language

15 Using Icons Images for Generating Language

16 Transcribing

17 Some Ways to Group Discussions

18 Some More Ways to Group Discussions

19 Obsession with Tests

20 Alternatives to Pre-Reading Language Activities

21 Alternatives to Pre-Reading Language Activities

22 Alternative to Post-Reading Activities

23 Alternatives to Vocabulary Cards

24 Flawed English Flawed Thinking

25 Alternatives to Tests and Grading

26 Gestures Count for Nothing

27 Conversations about Part 2 Chapter 9 Analyzing

28 Moving Beyond the Headache Stage of Coding

29 From Uyo to Tokyo

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I use the word transcribe, or some variation of it—transcribing, transcribed, etc.—close to 100 times in the text of Small Changes in Teaching. I use small changes around 60 times, excluding the number of times these words are used at the top of pages to indicate the title of the book.

No other word comes close in frequency to transcribe. Analyzing, another theme of the book, I use only 14 times, experiment 19 times. 

So why not follow my own advice? 

Well, as Gregory Bateson reminds us, “The obvious is often difficult to see.” (Mentioned 4 times.) 

And I was so excited about achieving a dream I had had for decades to produce videos illustrating students doing activities I advocated that I did not notice that some of the audio was difficult to follow until some teachers who were using the book pointed this obvious fact out to me.

So thanks to those who used the videos and pointed out how difficult the teachers they worked with found the audio. I am eternally grateful. As you know, I advocate the integration of the 4 skills, plus the often ignored, the 5 th skill: emotion.

So now, Small Changes in Teaching is available in print, digital format, an audio book, videos and transcriptions of the videos. I am grateful to editors of TEFLology for suggesting an audiobook as well as posting many of the chapters on their podcast. 

I remind you all to ask your students to comment on what you do. In my case, I have been blessed because those who have experienced workshops with me or some version of Small Changes have suggested alternatives without my asking. A very touching experience.

Enjoy, enjoy.