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Edge of CALL: Tech for learning and teaching with Kevin Ryan

Edge of Call: Tech for language learning and teaching

Great Minds in Language Education 2023 with Penny Ur

Research and Practice: A Teacher’s Perspective In this course, we will explore several issues related to the implementation of research-based …

Great Minds in Language Education 2022 with Scott Thornbury

This course is now sold out. We have another Great Minds course beginning on November 6th, led by Penny Ur. Participants in her course will be exploring researching and practice from a teacher's perspective. Her course will not have a required book, and will last six weeks. If you'd like to learn more about this course, visit Great Minds in Language Education 2022 with Penny Ur.

Self-Publishing for ELT Professionals 2022 with Dorothy Zemach

The content is up to you—it could be lesson plans, exercises for students, essays and reflections, research results, or whatever …

Dogme ELT 2022 with Scott Thornbury

This course is now closed. We limited enrollment so that all members can enjoy the interaction and attention that smaller …

Creating ELT Videos with Vicki Hollett

    Do you want to learn how to create engaging videos that your students can watch outside of class?   Would you like to reach a wider audience, with professional looking sample lessons?   Are you thinking of sharing ELT videos on YouTube or a similar platform?   Are you interested in learning camera and lighting techniques and ways to capture sound?   Would you like to add video editing to your skills set?   If your answer to any of these questions is 'yes' then this course is for you!  
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